We Make A Warranty a REAL Warranty!


roofing service going above and beyond.

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Free estimates

Roofing Service Companies in our network will bid on your roof at no charge to you. It is their job to earn your business.

3 Competetive bids

The purpose of a bid is to maintain the best possible pricing for you! Three Roofing Service Companies will bid on your job with the understanding they are competing for your business.

Quality of work

This is where LI Roof Bid really separates itself from services like Home Advisor and Angie’s List. LI Roof Bid will hold all Roofing Service Companies in its network accountable to quality work. LI Roof Bid will step in to facilitate any resolution or repair to ensure the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

Stuck in a Bind? No Worries! Let us handle the rest by finding you the best services

our specialty services

Roofing Quotes

Automatically, we send for three bids with licensed and insured Roofing Service Companies that will contact you. LI roofing holds all Roofing Service Companies accountable to quality of work. Li Roof Bid goes above and beyond compared to other home service companies. If a roof leaks after it has been replaced by a LI Roof Bid Roofing Service Company, we will step in to facilitate a course of action for repair and correction.

Measurements via satellite

Roof measurements can be obtained by satellite and relayed to you by email.  We will need to obtain contact information from you for this to happen. We will give you actual measurements to obtain accurate quotes on your roof.

“We're a Company That Stands Behind You After Your Job Has Been Completed. We Make A Warranty a REAL Warranty!.”

who we are

Going Above and beyond other home service bidding companies such as Home Advisor and Angie’s List, we stand behind you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Not only do the Roofing Service Companies guarantee their work, but LI Roof Bid stands behind you to assure your warranty is a REAL warranty!

– LI Roofbid

Best Prices Guaranteed
Highest Quality of Work
Service you can rely on - Licensed and Insured
  • Three competitive roofing bids
  • Licensed and insured Roofing Services
  • Roof measurements via satellite
  • Roofing Quotes
  • Free estimate

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providing quality customer service